Friday, 17 February 2012

Made it to the Far East!

After yesterday's short blog post from Bristol airport cafe, we got on the flight to Schiphol as the sun was setting over the fuel silos.
We took off on time and flew into the sunset before turning East.
Up in the air, there were some amazing cloud formations.
Came into Amsterdam after dark.
A long walk to the boarding gate is a feature of every flight I've ever taken out of Schiphol…
At Schiphol, we were able to get a very reasonably priced upgrade to Business class from Economy. This was from one of KLM's machines, which sold us the seats at an eighth of the price a KLM person was able to quote us! The net result was this much legroom…
11 hours in the air with some reclining sleep, two meals and a film each - "Margin Call" for Su (judged to be excellent), and Spielberg's flawed "The Adventures of TinTin" for me. We landed in Hong Kong, with our sense of time completely jangled.
Got to our hotel, and found this message displayed on the rather large TV screen in the room. Made me wonder if Alan Price worked there (UWE in-"joke").
We are on the 25th floor, so be careful looking down…
About 8 pm every night, there is a light show in the harbour with lights on buildings in patterns, spotlights and lasers (shades of Glastonbury!). Opposite us, the Regal Hotel was joining in with some pretty psychedelic stuff. Now we have eaten, we plan to get some sleep and adjust our time sense to Hong Kong standard so we can be proper tourists tomorrow!
This day a year ago, Su was musing about walls being rebuilt…

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  1. Should have popped in for coffee whilst you were near Amsterdam. I now spend the evenings watching the planes take off from our top room / studio.