Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Shopping, Picnic & Flamenco

Awake quite early again to another grey and overcast day.  Cup of coffee in bed and some gentle iPad browsing while Su read her book.  She is gradually defeating the sinus affliction and cough that she brought back as a souvenir from Hong Kong.  We are both still feeling quite sleepy, though this may be due to me cutting out caffeine (seems to have stopped my migraines).  A small sacrifice, especially as we drink decent decaffeinated coffee. Took Bella out for our morning circuit past this riot of bulbs in a neighbours' front garden.
After breakfast, it was the joys of shopping at Morrisons for me before coming home, and preparing the van for a trip up to Westonbirt.  The first thing we did when we got there was to tip Bella out to chew a big stick while we brewed up and ate our sandwiches. Then it was off to see what changes have happened since our last visit. This inconvenient convenience is one.
The branches on this tree shone out through the greyness.
The darling buds of February…
This odd-looking tree is a Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis).  It stands about ten feet tall and provides a hideaway when in leaf.
We also read the label on this tree, which turns out to be a Snowdrop Tree (Halesia carolina). Must look at it closely through Spring and Summer to see what its flowers are like.
As ever, the dogwood provided a splash of brilliant colour.
A lovely stand of silver birches. 
Great lichen on a very old maple
Tonight we are off to Bristol to see some flamenco - Juan Martin at St George's (review tomorrow). Looking forward to it!

This day a year ago, I walked Bella in Victoria Park earlyish to take the car into the garage only to realise that I was a week early! Must have been distracted by still waiting to see if my application for severance had been approved…

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