Friday, 3 February 2012

Still Cold and Bright

Another bright start to the day, and still cold.
But a rich warm glow inside the house and outside too
Going out with Bella there was lots of frost on cars and grass
These purple croci don't seem very happy with the ongoing chilly weather.
Looking over "misty valley", it lived up to its reputation.  Great bank of cloud that disappeared  through the day.
A single wire across a cloudless blue sky. 
The path down to Perfect Place looking quite pastoral after the early morning school traffic has passed through. 
Sturdier yellow croci on the other side of the hill
Bella settled down in front of the stove after our walk.  The projection through the stained glass gave her coat an iridescent glow.
Later on, I went over to Bradford on Avon for a swim (first time this week).  The sun made the riverside walk very picturesque.
Once an academic... Misuse of the apostrophe can result in damage to the English language and unintended meanings. I thought that local authority employees were sticklers for things like this! 
In the car park, I noticed this jubilee clock from 10 years ago. Wonder if it will be updated with diamonds this year....
Driving back, stopped at some roadworks for long enough to notice and photograph these "Simpsons" clouds.
Back home to a bout of hoovering and Hong Kong preparation while Su took Bella off for a romp in the park.

This day last year, Su enjoyed the stirrings of Spring in Primrose Hill Woods.
We are thinking of taking off to the beach tomorrow or Sunday - temperature dependent, of course!

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