Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hong Kong gloom

Another grey and overcast day, with the clouds down lower than the tops of the buildings, so our heads really have been in the clouds!
Walking to the station, I finally realised that the queues of traffic are connected to having to pay a toll for the cross harbour tunnel - d'oh!
Not much rain, but floors at the college were really wet - they deploy lots of air blowers to dry out the floors.
Mind you, it is just as well because the floors are pretty treacherous - they are all tiled and open to the elements on all corridors, so lots of these signs about.  I haven't actually seen anybody slip yet…
Looking out from the central "courtyard" to the tower blocks and clouds beyond.
They like their signs here - even the Gent's loos are amazingly OK, unlike many educational establishments in the UK! 
Another difference here is the amount of obvious bird life - lots of noisy sparrows. I have seen magpies, and yesterday Su and I saw a jay-like youngster singing away like a thrush.  Today we were entranced by the sight of two birds of prey circling outside our hotel for ages - but we didn't manage any decent photographs of them.  Even when a third one made an appearance, we didn't manage to snap it.  Did manage to photograph this mirrored Chinachem plaza (yet another shopping experience!) opposite.
This day a year ago, Su was writing about the grey weather in Bath, and looking through photos of blue skies and seas to cheer herself up.  She posted several of these ducks swimming in the Symi sea, and looked forward to our Easter visit there.  It won't be long before we are back in Greece again (Lesbos then working our way to Symi) - undeterred by eurozone/troika asset strippers!

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