Saturday, 25 February 2012

Long Journey Home

We left our hotel for Hong Kong airport about 8 pm.  The airport was spacious and calm, which was pleasing after a full-on week in what some people say is the busiest city on the planet. I was impressed by the roof!
Our flight to Schiphol lasted over 11 hours - unfortunately we were not able to get an upgrade for this trip (Fridays not a good day for that as we realised). We had a glass of champagne to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary and we watched four films - Su saw "50:50" (which she thought was OK) and "Jane Eyre"(excellent). I saw "Margin Call" (brilliant) and "Moneyball' (OK, although not sure if Brad Pitt's performance justifies an Oscar nomination). Arrived in Amsterdam at 4.30 Dutch time, with  nearly four hours to wait until our connecting flight to Bristol.
The RijksMuseum has an outpost in the airport - unfortunately not open in the early hours of the morning - but an interesting bit of sculpture outside.
Along with these giant tulips, we found a cafe open where we whiled away an hour or so.
Walking to our boarding gate, saw this matching pair of large bronze statues called "Two incredible sitting black snowmen"
Took off into the sunrise - the first sunshine we had seen since some hazy rays on Sunday!
It was a short and a scenic flight.
On the way from the airport, we stopped off to stretch our legs at Chew Valley Lake. It was still, calm and warm with not many people around. We don't normally go there so early in the day, but will in future to avoid the hordes.
Got home about 20 hours after we started travelling to house sitters and Bella.  It was a lovely day to take her out for a walk, even with our time-altered sensibilities and lack of sleep.
Later on this afternoon, noticed a novel projection pattern through our stained glass window
This day a year ago, Su woke after a golden dawn and celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary with a trip to IKEA. This evening, she has given in to the need for sleep and is snoozing upstairs, while I mooch around, zombie-like until I crash out!

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