Monday, 6 February 2012


A dramatic start to the day, with the sun breaking through the clouds.
At the back of the house, the North side of the valley glowed with the sunrise.
Up the hill, a clear sight of the swirling clouds that dominated the weather today.
Looking over "misty valley", it again lived up to the name.
After a late and leisurely breakfast, I went out on my errands in the van.
First stop was Bradford on Avon for a swim.  Waiting to get down the narrow road going down to the river, spotted this roof being re-thatched.
After my swim, it was back to Bath for a visit to the supermarket - joy of joys!
Su was languishing at home with the lergi still, although she seems to have perked up a bit towards the end of the day.  Maybe this has to do with her planning the fine details of our May trip to Greece, and probably Turkey again. So, I took Bella out again - just as the skies opened for my second immersion of the day. Even in the downpour, this freshly painted marker stood out.
Despite the thaw and rain, there are still odd patches of snow lying about.
This day a year ago was the day before the interview for a management post in the brave new one-size-fits-all UWE structure. Good to revisit the moment that made me realise that I wanted no part of it and which led to my early retirement. We went to the beach and saw the sand yachts.
Tomorrow, Bob is coming over and we're going out for a spot of lunch.  No playing any music tomorrow, but a chance for a catch-up and a chinwag.

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  1. That little thatched cottage on the hill once housed a witch's cauldron complete with broom. As a child in the '70's I used to look out for the inhabitants; convinced there really was a witch living there. They must have had a great sense of humour, whoever they were.