Monday, 27 February 2012

So Much for Spring

No sunshine this morning, rather shades of Hong Kong weather with a misty, overcast start and then some drizzle later on. Su's iPad hasn't been behaving itself, so I took it in to the Apple Store to get it looked at. No question that it was a hardware fault, and they replaced it for a brand new one there and then.
I'd arranged to meet up with Su at Prior Park garden centre. Walked there via this tunnel by the station where taxis queue - all of them with engines running, so not a very pleasant experience.
This is the back of the station - a grand frontage that most travellers don't see
An example of centre of town tagging on the bridge over the river.
 The view from the bridge looking towards Bathampton.
Walking along Widcombe Parade, saw these computer-savvy legal business signs.
Here is the White Hart, where we have had some very nice meals.
 Croci in full flower.
 Railings that escaped the WWII collection for "tank building".
Handed over the new iPad and had a coffee and a spot of lunch with Su at the garden centre before coming back home to find yet another glove abandoned.
Su spotted this in the local free magazine.  I love it - "No mole, no fee"!! 
Took Bella out for a stroll around Charlcombe Valley. Well I strolled, and she chased after yet another ball she found - and got quite out of puff, but happily.
In the time we were away in the Orient, catkins have appeared on lots of trees. Here are some particularly juicy looking ones.
This day a year ago, Su confessed her plans to get me to consider getting a camper van. It took less than six months to achieve, even if we don't have a big peace symbol on ours (yet! Although I do have a Cuban Che Guevara sticker that needs a home…). We plan to go and spend a large part of tomorrow up at Westonbirt in our van, weather permitting.

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  1. There must be hundreds of people walking around Bath with only one glove. Is this a West Country thing?