Sunday, 19 February 2012

Across the Water

Slept quite late this morning - the blackout curtains are effective (so I must set the alarm so that I don't oversleep on my first morning of teaching tomorrow!). After breakfast we read for a while before we took off to Harbour City on the hotel's minibus.
Big cruise liner was in port.
We got on the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong Island - only $HK2.20 (about20p) on our Octopus cards.  The seats all had stars on…
We landed at Central Pier, and almost immediately caught a bus up to Victoria Peak (or simply "The Peak").
This is the highest point on Hong Kong island, which has great views - on the other side of this architectural "wok" (as the Rough Guide describes it!). It obscures the view so that they can, of course, charge you to go up to the top and see them!
On the way in, I was taken by this frozen forkful of spaghetti, meant to entice passers- by to eat!
Even though it has been a pretty misty day, it was bright with great vistas over Hong KOng, and across to Kowloon.
This is the funicular railway/tram up. We had intended to take it back down but the queues when we came to leave made the return bus journey a better option.
Before we left, we had a very tasty Vietnamese meal, including these tasty and very pretty rolls
The crossing back to Kowloon was busy with lots of traffic - Su was reminded of Istanbul, which has similar numbers of ferries criss-crossing a short stretch of water.
The light was really stunning, and the mist made the towers of Hong Kong island look mysterious.
Further along, where we caught the hotel shuttle bus, the sparkles on the water were delightful.
Came back to the hotel, had a cup of coffee, downloaded photographs and promptly fell asleep - my excuse is jet lag (but it won't hold up for much longer!). About to go upstairs for a drink before hitting the streets tonight.

This day a year ago, Su And I went out with Bella, along with Chips and Wilfred. Chips decided to take off back to his house, so Su chased after him (all the way home) while I walked the other two dogs around Primrose Woods.

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