Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Shades of Grey

A grey day, although punctuated by a brief sight of blue sky mid-morning.  Su's feeling quite a bit better, so has had some fresh air today. Bob came over and treated me to lunch at Prior Park garden centre, and had a bit of a chinwag about work and music.  After that, it was time to take Bella out, so we went up past the race course. This well rotted tree trunk was about the brightest thing on display today
It was cold up there, with patches of snow around the rim of the golf bunkers, and ice still on the edge of the road.
This was the most sunlight we saw in our hour or so up there.
Bella didn't mind. She found a golf ball (luckily not one in play!) and got me throwing it around the hillside for her.  This was our view - just one shaft of light piercing the cloud cover in the lower left of the photo.
Another splash of colour spotted on the way back to the van.
This day a year ago, Su was musing about the chances of us being out of the country within the year.  If it wasn't for the state of the eurozone... She featured the star of this blog, snapped at the beach.
Tomorrow, we plan to go and catch the George Clooney film, "The Descendants" at the Little Theatre. Review to follow.

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