Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Active Day

Su's still been languishing with her cold today, so I was up and out with Bella this morning before going off down into Larkhall for my last Pilates class of the year. Came back and had breakfast before helping unload the lorry with our next load of logs for the stove.
Out in the back garden before carrying the logs through, I saw that our sedum is still hanging on.
The skies brightened up on and off throughout the rest of the afternoon.
 This was our mahonia sunbathing at the front of the house.
I carried through enough logs to untidily load our wood store - and there's still a lot more left at the front of the house. A very generous delivery this time.
I'm so unused to this much activity that I dozed off in front of the fire I lit after all this carrying of wood. Took Bella out for an afternoon stroll and found a pair of small person's gloves on a wall. 
Up at the churchyard, found this ID tag on a bench - not sure if this is the name of the pet or the owner 
 If it's the owner, what are the civil liberties implications of her being chipped?
Not a TV or a PC in the window, but a real fish tank glowing in the twilight gloom. 
Nice light in the sky as the day drew to a close. 
This day a year ago, we admired the first flush of flowers on our winter flowering cherry.

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