Thursday, 15 November 2012

An Interrupted Day

Saw "Safety Not Guaranteed" at the Bath Film Festival last night - billed as sci-fi, which it definitely was at the end. Very funny, poignant in places and well worth seeing! Tonight we are off to see a very different film, "Amour". Review tomorrow.
On the way to the cinema, we saw this unusual display for Christmas - what every house needs is a stuffed chicken!
On the way back to the car, spotted this lost teddy bear propped up on the railings, waiting for its owner to be reunited with. 
Out with Bella this morning, noticed this tasteful addition to a street sign. "BigTime Street" sounds good! 
Liked this pattern of conifer leaves. 
I was impressed by this example of tidy littering - all deposited by a grit bin.
My day was interrupted by a migraine which sent me back to bed for several hours. Su has been a star looking after me. I am now up and about and just exercised my democratic duty by voting for a Police Commissioner down at the local pub. We have not had a single leaflet nor any canvassing for any of the candidates, so am voting on the basis of online statements and replies to my emails from three of the four of them. They all sound as if they are trying to be Judge Dredd, so not much to go on!
This day a year ago, Bob came with his telemando for a practice (Su went off to Bristol:-)!).

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