Thursday, 1 November 2012

Busy and Varied Day

A short and late blog tonight. Today has been full and varied - starting with Pilates, followed by sighting of this pumpkin.
Then popped into Dick Willows, where we saw this colourful array of chairs. 
Who knows what you might find up these stairs? 
Took Bella out for a walk, and was struck by this oil patch on the road.
Then we went out to an exhibition by Heather O'Brien and Martin Rumary at the Chairman's Room at the Guildhall. Then off for some supper before rounding off the evening to go and see "Skyfall".
This day a year ago, I went back in to UWE for the first time since I'd retired to talk about teaching in Hong Kong - bumped into Frank Maddix while there. 

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