Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rain and Landslip

After yesterday's clear and bright day, yet again a complete change in the weather. This was the scene on the way out this morning.
Driving home, we went past the river which was very high, with the path alongside it under water.
Took Bella out during a lull in the rain (not for long!). Saw this seating conveniently placed for anyone needing a rest -and OK with insecure furniture!
Went out along from Perfect View (the fields are far too wet for splodging about in) to investigate the recent landslip that featured on the BBC News website. This sign turned out to have been very presciently placed - this is just where the boulder from the wall at the top of the hill rolled down the hill and brought down some trees. I talked to a chap who lives just downhill from where the boulder landed. He told me that he was out in the rain from midnight for a few hours after hearing the noise of the wall's collapse. The people in the house at the top must feel a bit precarious!
This sign rather blows the cover of any covert capture cars in action! 
Left over from when the boulder and other debris was being removed the other night. 
This is the hill from the top of the slope. We do live in a hilly place.
A splash of colour on a rainy afternoon - petrol leaving an iridescent trail through the leaves.
This day a year ago, I was taken by textures of various sorts, This peeling birch tree caught my eye. 

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