Monday, 26 November 2012

Yet more cover at UWE

A morning without rain although lots of cloud about, giving pastel colours to the skies.
Off to UWE again, this time covering for Left At The Light's bassist, Frank Maddix, to give a lecture on the module Multimedia Systems (which I though I had finished with 18 months ago!). Tomorrow, I will be impersonating Martyn Harries on Moving Image Technology for a couple of hours. Met up with Morris Williams for a coffee and a chat before coming home. Sat behind another car with an unusual registration - there seem to be quite a few about, or I am just noticing them for the first time.
Out with Bella for a ramble around the streets, rather than the marshy fields. A spooky light in the sky. 
These teazles are still looking good.
This will have been in heavy use over the last few days. 
The brooding sky threatened rain, which started just as we finished our walk.
Our local superhero's van? 
This day a year ago, we walked down to town to the cinema, and took in the lights and the roundabout with Reggie the horse

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