Sunday, 18 November 2012

First Frost of the Autumn

Woke up to a sunny and cold morning. Frost on the cars outside the front of the house, and in the garden at the back.
It set the sedum off quite nicely. 
Our birch tree  looked great against the blue sky with the sun on its top.
Went to Westonbirt this afternoon for a cool and brisk walk. Found another item for the forthcoming abandoned clothing exhibition. 
Lots of the leaves have dropped from the trees there, but they are still good value when they are on the ground.
Autumn palette of colours. 
A gap in the planting, where the 2,000 year old lime used to fill the space. It hasn't been removed, just coppiced yet again so it will be back to full size in  few years.
Another of the new sculptures that have appeared this year - an "acorn cup".  
 The "acorn" nearby.
This day a year ago, we went West on a jaunt to Clevedon, taking in the pier and this sculpture called "The Spirit Of Clevedon". A year on, I admit that I still fail to be impressed by it…
Today's is the 800th post on the blog!

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