Thursday, 1 November 2012

Start The Day With A Rainbow…

That's what we did when we looked up from our morning cup of coffee to see this rainbow!
Some of the day evaporated in looking at stuff for UWE, and then it was time to take Bella out for her walk. Decided to go up to Brockham End, as we haven't been up there since before going to Greece. The woods were carpeted with leaves.
Out in the fields, we found an abandoned scarf to add to our forthcoming exhibition of lost clothing. 
I had forgotten just how big the  skies up there are (and just how cold it can be!). Saw across to the TV mast at Wells one way and the Bristol Channel the other way, while I watched the rain processing across the skyline.
On the other side of the hill looking northwards, the skies were clearer. 
This great stand of trees is magnificent at any time of year and in most weathers 
October was an all-time record month for page-views of the blog - 259 higher than the previous record, and just 41 short of 4,000!
This day a year ago, I was also up at Brockham End, but the weather was slightly more clement than today...
Tonight we are off out to Green Park Cafe to see Pat O'Brien playing a short set before the main band, Effra - who won the 2012 Bath Folk Festival New Shoots Competition.

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