Saturday, 10 November 2012

One Up, One Down

After my dose of lergi yesterday, I have felt better today and up for taking Bella out this morning. These marigolds are still going strong.
Evidence of late Bonfire night fireworks celebrations - and a great name for a firework.
Ivy flowers still at various stages of development. 
Unfortunately, Su has gone down with my lergi, so she has spent the best part of the day in bed. Meanwhile the day got brighter and brighter.
I went off with Bella this afternoon, intending to go up to Westonbirt until I spotted that there was an unexpected space to park the van at my favourite spot up past the golf course. It was really bright, if a little cool in the breeze.
The last flush of autumn colour on the trees looked great in the sunshine. 
Lovely shadows in the woods. 
Looking out over at the Mendips. 
Bella got spooked by shotguns being fired, hence why she is sticking close to me here - this is maybe why she never had a career as a gun dog. Mind you, I know how she feels - my Dad (who was an armourer who inspected small arms) got me to fire a .22 rifle when I was 10. I hated the sound and still do.
One last look up at the sky through the canopy before we left the woods. 
This day a year ago, we were both up  past the golf course walking Bella and enjoying the sight of these thistles bathed in a golden sunset glow.
Su has rallied enough to go out tonight wrapped up well - we have tickets to see Eduardo Niebla at the Colston Hall in Bristol (bought online from Symi), and it promises to be a good concert. 

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