Monday, 19 November 2012

Degree Factory Time

Awake with the dawn this morning, I was rewarded by this sunset at the front of the house.
This was the sky at the back of the house. 
This was the best the weather got all day. By the time I saw this rose when walking Bella this morning, the skies had greyed over. By the time I got to UWE for today's stint of Media, Business and Publishing classes, the rain had started.
As well as three tutorials and a lecture with students, I saw quite a few colleagues, including this blog's most consistent "liker" on Facebook, Paul Hulbert. Left in the fading light, and managed to get parked close enough to the house to load the van with guitar etc. for tomorrow's Left At The Lights practice.

This day a year ago, I was also up with the sunrise. Unlike today, it stayed bright all day right through to the sunset bathing these trees in Primrose Woods.

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