Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rain, Pilates, Dentist…

Woke up to the sound of the rain still coming down and looked out of the window to see a river running down our road. Dived out to the van and drove down to Larkhall for my Pilates class before heading off to the dentist through floods to get my detached crown temporarily reattached. I'll need a new one in the New Year after just 26 years! Got home after a lunch rendezvous with Su and acceded to Bella's pleading for a walk.
My timing was excellent as the skies cleared and brightened up, although this meant that the temperature dropped as well. 
Physallis flowers leave lovely remains. 
The afternoon light on the hillside was glorious. 
I kept Bella out of the wet and boggy fields, but she did insist on getting a drink out of this gushing stream. 
We went up to Charlcombe churchyard, walking in over a carper of oak leaves.
The light up there was beautiful as well. 
I really liked the branch of this conifer tree 
This lichen also appealed. 
Coming back up the road, saw more clearly the evidence of how much water had flowed down hill in the last day or so. Floods all over this part of the country at least. 
The setting sun showed off the clouds over Solsbury Hill nicely.
This day a year ago, it was an overcast day and Bella and I wandered the streets trying to decode the meaning of these strange symbols. 

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