Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dumplings, Art Bus & Memorial Service

Last night, Su made a delicious lamb stew with spelt dumplings. Second half tonight - yum!
After that, we went out to our next film in Bath Film Festival. On the way, saw this Art Bus showing Peter Blake prints. 
This was the upstairs gallery - downstairs was done out as a pop art lounge all white with red, white and blue roundels.
We went to see "Robot and Frank", a sci-fi comedy drama about an ex jewel thief with dementia. After "Amour" the night before, this was much more light-hearted, but with some serious moments and a great twist near the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it. We now have a few days off before a double bill on Tuesday. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy Sarah Lund's return to BBC4 in "The Killing III" tonight!
Today started bright and clear, with no sign of the fog/mist of yesterday. The autumn colours continue to delight
An abandoned glove - the season has started again (I left one of my own somewhere the other night... ).
This afternoon, we drove over to Chew Magna to go to St Andrews Church for Helena Wildblood's memorial service. 
She died a few weeks ago from a brain tumour - too young. I worked with her at UWE - she was always very encouraging and supportive of students and her colleagues, lots of whom came along today.
We'd driven over in the van with Bella, so afterwards we took her off to the lake for a walk and spotted this abandoned coat. Someone didn't feel the cold!
The sunset was absolutely glorious, and went on for ages. 
This day a year ago, spotted this distinctively decorated van on my morning walk with Bella.  

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