Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yo-Yo Weather

Woke up to a sunny morning at 8 o'clock, which clouded over by 9 o'clock - only to brighten up by 10 o'clock when I took Bella out for her morning stroll.
 It was beautifully bright, although quite a few clouds about.
 After yesterday's unremitting grey skies, it was great to see the sun.
These campanula are still blooming out of the pub garden wall. 
Took Bella out for an early walk about midday - when it was sunny again, having clouded over about 11 am. I'm not sure why people adorn the front of their windscreens with artificial flowers - I've seen several vehicles like this lately. Is it a Bath thing?
The view over to Solsbury Hill. 
After yesterday's rain, this stream was running fast. Bella decided that it was just the water she wanted to drink.
Coming up to 1 pm, the clouds started massing again, this time for a longer stay although no rain yet.
Down at the football pitch, they may be changing to water polo at this rate. 
This afternoon, we went down to town to see a film, "Angele et Tony". Unfortunately as the Southgate car park got flooded and the Christmas Fair has started in Bath, we couldn't get parked so Su insisted I went to see the film and she came home and nursed her cold. I think she might not have enjoyed the film very much. I found it a straightforward enough tale, but confusingly presented and quite disjointed. I should have been suspicious when the Bath Film Festival notes used the term "magical realism" to describe it. It not a bad film, but... the rain started as I came out of the film.
Tonight, we are going to try and get parked again (the shoppers should have gone home) to see what promises to be a feelgood film, "Quartet". This will be our last film of the Festival, which finishes later this evening.
This day a year ago, this picture of Su displaying a giant leaf at Westonbirt really caught my eye on the blog post.

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