Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Smoked out of Bed

Woke up in the night with a smell of woodsmoke from our stove, so we shut it right down and resolved to investigate this morning. It has smelt a bit over the last few weeks but not as bad as this. Reassured that the carbon monoxide detector didn't go off. On another tack, here is an excellent still life that Su has composed.
Our bright silver birch continues to be a beacon on overcast days. Pity that we are going to have to chop it down, as it is getting too big for our little garden. Once it's seasoned, we'll have some free wood to burn, of course.
Looking eastwards, this willow is good value as well. 
Spent time cleaning out the stove and investigating where the smoky smell might be coming from. Eventually found a leak at the back of the stovepipe, only to find that our stash of fire cement has gone rock solid. The local hardware store is out of stock, so we are asking around our stove-owning neighbours (we only need a little bit to fix the leak) before trying Homebase. I took Bella out for her afternoon walk, and admired these unusual clouds in an otherwise clear sky.
It was clear and lovely, but a bit colder than earlier, so I didn't dawdle to inspect the umbellifer skeletons. 
Spotted this fake old cash till (with an electronic one in the drawer space) in the front of a wagon. 
Lots of leaves here for Bella to sniff her way through.
At least we have a clean stove (even if it  isn't working just at the moment!). 
This day a year ago, we were once more up at Westonbirt enjoying the last of the autumn colours. 
Off to the Little Theatre at Komedia later this evening to see the opening film of Bath Film Festival, "Safety Not Guaranteed". Review tomorrow.

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