Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More UWE Time

A cold and bright start to the day.
Our cherry tree looked good in the early morning light. 
Just what you'd expect to find on a neighbour's wall - an unopened packet of rice cakes… 
Further up the hill, this is the scaffolding for our neighbours' chimney liner for their wood burning stove.
Looking out over Charlcombe valley with a mottled sky. 
Another weather event - the first frost of this Autumn, making it a fresh start to the day. 
I spent a long day at UWE - some of the time with Media, Business & Publishing students, some with Information Systems dissertation students and some with Digital Media project students. An interesting and varied set of conversations. Unfortunately, our Left At The Lights practice didn't happen because Bob was feeling unwell - let's hope all is OK for next week. On the way out from teaching took a photo of this very long corridor in Q Block.
That's what I like to see - a professional presentation of the Faculty… 
Another abandoned hair band for my forthcoming exhibition. 
This day a year ago, we went off to Nympsfield Long Barrow in Gloucestershire and looked out over the Severn Valley to the Black Mountains beyond as the sun started to descend. 

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