Friday, 16 November 2012

Dank and Dismal Day

Last night, we continued our Bath Film Festival programme with "Amour", a distinct contrast to the previous night's film. An unflinching and riveting film that had the sell-out audience silent throughout. Not a barrel of laughs, but excellent.
Out and about this morning, on the way to buy some fire cement for our stove we passed this former pub. We've passed it hundreds of times, but never noticed it before - there's always something else to see in Bath.
On the way back from the stove shop, I noticed that this street art has become a changing birthday greetings display. Today it was the turn of Mike to be 21 again…
Saw this lovely collie with amazing eyes, waiting for its owner to come out of Prior Park garden centre.
The weather forecast for today was either fog or mist, depending on which source you consulted. Whatever it is, it certainly helps to show off the weaving skills of the local spiders. Maybe today's XKCD cartoon isn't that far off the truth:-)!
Still fuchsias out in next door's front garden.
Our window box is looking jolly with its autumn/winter planting.
Took Bella out for an early-ish walk in the misty/foggy light. Quite spooky light…
Spider webs in evidence all over the place. 
This day a year ago, I was shopping down in Bath centre and spotted this lurid display of great slabs of soap. 

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