Friday, 30 November 2012

Gigging Again!

We played at the Somerville Club in Bristol last night. This was Dr Simulacra playing a Chapman Stick) and the Sonics doing a version of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile". Note the patriotically decorated stage - possibly a legacy of the Olympics?
I don't know what impression Bob was trying to convey here but it looks distinctly creepy to me!
Frank being benign.We went down well last night, being asked to do a second spot to finish off the evening. I think we'll be back!  Also, we had a surprise request yesterday for us to play a short set at the UWE Computer Science & Creative Technologies Christmas Party - never really thought of ourselves as a Christmas act before!
This morning, the weather was once again cold and dry but without the blue skies of yesterday.
I fail to see the attraction of tagging a railing… 
It was definitely cold enough to crank up our stove, especially as we have a surfeit of logs to burn. 
Su is still ailing, so I went off to experience the joy of Morrison's. This was the view waiting to leave the car park and get home. 
Came home to take delivery of these gloves, which let me operate my iPhone (or any other capacitive touch-screen device) without getting cold hands. The fingertips are knitted with a special material which actually works, and they also kept my hands warm!
Finally tidied up the front garden and stocked up Overflow Woodstore Number Two before the rain comes back this weekend.
I was assisted in this task by Bella who kept bringing me her ball to throw in between carrying loads of wood through and stacking them in the shed.
Took Bella out for a late afternoon stroll, spotting these nice rose specimens on the way. 
Our way was blocked by a deep hole in the pavement. Bella seemed to understand the meaning of the arrow…
Twilight set in, but not so quickly that I didn't spot this abandoned blanket left draped over a hedge. 
This day a year ago, I took Bella on her first political demonstration (as far as we know) to march against changes to public sector pension schemes. It was a great turn out for Bath, and a nice day for a march through the City Centre.

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