Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Double Feature at the Film Festival

Rain all night and still coming down this morning with lots of wind, so the last of the leaves on the trees are shedding. Saw this poster for a missing cat called Sherlock - hope his powers of deduction live up to the name.
At UWE all day, ducking in and out of buildings dodging the rain. A gnomic bit of marking on a path.
 As well as 5 hours teaching, managed to fit in a practice of Left At The Lights. Our open mic appearance has been postponed to next Thursday evening at the Somerville Club in Bishopston, Bristol. I also moved the van's parking space a couple of times, finally ending up near the studios for loading up gear afterwards.
Shot off so I could get back in time for our cinema double bill for Bath Film Festival at the Rondo Theatre in Larkhall. This meant we walked down and had a drink with the film (how civilised). The first film was unexpectedly (on my part) a treat - a Russian film called "Silent Souls". 
The second film was "This Must Be The Place", which we both found very disappointing - tedious, rambling and self-indulgent. Our first stinker of the Festival.
This day a year ago, clearing up the garden led to Bella proudly displaying just some of her collection of balls.

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