Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rain and Impending Rain

Reports of floods all over the West Country after yesterday's rain. Today we woke up to strong winds, with Westonbirt shut as a consequence. The birch tree nearer our house is still managing to hang on to some of its leaves.
Not a morning for rushing out, and so we didn't. Eventually went out to do some necessary shopping, here amongst other places.
Su braved the shops in town while I came home and then took Bella out for her afternoon walk. It's hard to photograph the wind, but there were lots of bins littered about the streets to show the effects.
A handy flag wrapped around its flagpole (and it's still the wrong way up, Richard…) 
A lost hat missing its owner. 
I've never seen a UK numberplate quite like this before… 
Trying to catch a plane flying overhead showed the wind blowing this branch about 
The rain had started to come down and the winds have not yet abated. Clouds started piling up - it's going to be a stormy night. 
This day a year ago, the clouds had broken and gave us a spell of brightness.

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