Friday, 2 November 2012

Double Migraine Day

We didn't make it out in the end last night - the pouring rain may have had something to do with that! Today I have been unusually organised - filing six month's worth of paperwork this morning. I had a migraine early this afternoon which I dispelled with my trusty tablet and then took Bella out for a walk. Our neighbour's sunflowers are on the way out…
On the other hand, if you have a ball of artificial privet outside your house, it's always green.
 Clematis seed heads looking rather elegant.
The forecast had said that we would be assailed by rain all day, but the sun came out and made this tree look lovely. 
Looking over to Solsbury Hill with Fairfield Road in shadow.
A nice new garden gate has been installed in this hedge. 
At the end of our walk, the clouds were tinged with orange. 
We had been going out tonight as well - to see Gee Baby I Love You at The Tunnels in Bristol. A second migraine attack ruled that out completely. I couldn't take another tablet (only one a day), so soothed my furrowed brow by ironing a load of clothes that have been waiting for most of a year  - I must be affected:-)!

This day a year ago, we assembled one of our raised beds in the back garden and planted it out with onions. Covered it with netting to keep our neighbour's five Russian Blue cats out. It all came to nothing - such a bad year that our north facing garden couldn't deliver the goods. Maybe next year might be better?
Tomorrow we are off up to Tewkesbury to rendezvous for lunch with Ben & Lena who are having a weekend there before Ben starts back to teaching next week. 

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