Sunday, 4 November 2012

Let It Snow…

No rainbows this morning, even though we had a night of heavy rain, Instead the heavy rain turned unexpectedly to snow, which settled.
Bath made the news as a result, and the buses stopped running for a few hours. 
By the time we went out to Westonbirt with Bella, the roads were clear - but there was lots of snow still lying about up on Lansdown.
Getting nearer to Westonbirt, there was no sign of snow and the trees that still had leaves on were looking good.
At Westonbirt, some stunning shows still on offer. 
These acers have some life left in them.
 The bark of a Monterey Pine.
Back home at the end of the afternoon, the skies had cleared.
This day a year ago, I found myself in a lift with an infinity of Marcuses… 
Now working on workshops and lecture for tomorrow's four hours teaching - and another five on Tuesday, plus Left At The Lights practice. A bit of a shock to the system, after all this time!

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