Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another day at UWE

A drizzly sort of morning, but punctuated by the promise of brighter skies. Unfortunately the promise didn't come to much.
The Surround Room at UWE, where Left At The Lights practice - today was another session, in preparation for  the open mic night at the Somerville Club in Bristol on Thursday night.
Another lift photograph - me in jobbing lecturer mode. Not many students attending in the 10th week of the Semester - they are all too busy working on their assignments to be handed in next week, apparently …
I always see these stick figures as dancing rather than walking on a path, whihc they are meant to indicate.
Waiting at traffic lights in Downend - managed to get home early enough to get parked close to the house so I could unload the van at my leisure.
This day a year ago, we went on the North Bristol Art Trail. Really liked this street art, which wasn't part of the trail (but better than some of the stuff we saw…)

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