Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November moves on...

Up and out relatively early with Bella this morning. The rain has stopped and the weather has warmed up. Found residual evidence of another "Outrage" rocket.
A juicy cluster of rose hips. 
Still leaves on the trees, and lots on the ground for Bella to sniff her way through. 
A refugee from outside coming in for the winter? 
Once again I was at UWE most of the day - in one of my tutorial rooms I found this on the marker board. I erased it in case it gave anybody ideas (and hope that it was a "joke" and not an early warning of massacre to come:-)!). 
Had three tutorials and a Left At The Lights practice - we are planning to play open mic night at the Somerville Club in Bristol a week on Thursday as the beginning of our comeback tour:_)! I emerged into the end of the afternoon, with a slight pink tinge to the sky.
Off campus and on the way home with light still in the sky. I'll be at UWE a bit more than already agreed as I got asked to do another few hours cover for a couple of people today - it all adds to the holiday fund! 
We went down to the Little Theatre to see a Norwegian film, "Happy Happy" - a quirky, funny and sweet story with some bite to it. This is the beginning of a film-going bonanza as the Bath Film Festival starts tomorrow. Reviews day by day for the next three days at least. Tomorrow's film is "Safety Not Guaranteed", a sci-fi story.
After we came out of the cinema, we went for a wander down the main shopping street to look at the newly switched on Christmas lights (I believe they were featured on BBC1's "The One Show" tonight).
This day a year ago, we did not venture very far afield after our outing to Watchet the previous day - enjoying the bright sunshine in Bath instead. 

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