Friday, 23 November 2012

Lull Between the Storms

After the last 24 hours eventful weather, this morning was calm and bright. This amazing cloud formation loomed over Bath at the beginning of the morning.
The skies cleared and we decided that we should take advantage of the break in the weather before the next batch of heavy rain arrives, and went up to Westonbirt for the afternoon. They even have eco-cones to contain the traffic there.
Thankfully, there were no obvious signs of wind damage after yesterday's closure.
One of the estate buildings next to a tree nursery. 
There was lots of evidence of much rain, including the newly formed Westonbirt ribbon lake at the bottom of the hill.
Lovely shades of colour in these ferns. 
Beech and oak are the main deciduous leaves still hanging on to their trees after yesterday's high winds. 
The afternoon light brought out the remaining colour on the trees.
This one tree was picked out by the sun.
Time to head off back to Bath, as the sun descended.
This day a year ago, I dragged Su off to Westonbirt for a walk after which we sat drank tea watching the sun set. 

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