Thursday, 29 November 2012

Clear and Cold

I had thought that I was going to come down with Su's cold last night, but a long sleep seems to have sorted me out apart from having a fairly mild migraine this afternoon. This morning the skies were clear and blue - this isn't the Red Arrows doing a fly-past, but the reflection of blinds in the window.
Our solar powered nodding flower was going great guns. 
I went out to tackle the remaining pile of logs still left in our front garden, and realised just how cold it was when I looked at this bucket. Our first real frost of the winter - and more to come for a few days yet. This means we'll have sunny weather for a while as well.
Temporary Overflow Woodstore Number One - under the bench in the front garden.  There is still loads of wood left to accommodate, so tomorrow's mission is to move the rest into our shed in the back garden. The shed contents are temporarily under the kitchen until we have burned enough wood to relocate the contents of these temporary stores into the woodstore. They say wood warms you more than once - all this lugging it about certainly combats the cold!
Late on this afternoon, saw these unusual cloud formations.
Out with Bella on a cold and brisk walk, spotted this sticker on a lamp post. It was on a steep hill, so I guess that mountainboarding might be appropriate for there.
Looking all around Charlcombe Valley at the sunset cloud formations.
Further round our walk, spotted these white berries. 
And slightly further on, these clematis seed heads. My phone started crashing for no obvious reason just after that, so other photographic opportunities were missed - it seems to be behaving itself again now.
This day a year ago, I went over to Nailsea to play some music with Bob Lang. On the way back, I was so taken with this sunset that I pulled over to capture it for the blog.
Off out to Bristol tonight to the Somerville Club for an open mic night with Left At The Lights for the first time in well over a year.  There may be photos tomorrow...

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