Monday, 13 December 2010


A few years ago we bought this log store but now it's surplus to requirements. Will put it on ebay and see what happens....unless of course there are any readers who'd like to make us an offer! But which pic should I use??!!
We've been having fun looking at the statistics for this blog. We know which countries our readers live in and how many times we're read each day. E.g. we have our largest following in the UK but a bit of a following in the Americas too. Our one reader in Australia (I think I know who this is!) has dropped off but we have loyal readers elsewhere.
Nothing very exciting happening today apart from going to hairdressers. The young woman who does my hair has her own business at home. She also keeps chickens which means sometimes you can land up with one of them on your lap while she's sorting out your highlights but today it wasn't so eventful....apart from a neighbour who'd locked herself out of her house and another customer who has shingles and a husband with a gastric band!


  1. Do you allow Marcus back into the house at night?

  2. At least give him a bit of tarpaulin before Thursday's snow appears.