Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Out and About

Yesterday I popped into UWE for a colleague's leaving do, and was surprised how tired it made me feel - maybe I have developed an allergy to the place during my convalescence:-).  It was good to talk to people not seen for over a month and to prowl the corridors for a short while.  While there, outside the University library I saw something that reflects the state of Higher Education, and the way it is going to go in the next few years of funding changes:-
We aren't even bothering to burn books in "Broken Britain" (it certainly will be by the time this lot have finished!).  Sad days indeed.

I got home to find a card from an old friend at Salford University, which had this "Health & Safety-gone-mad" warning on the back!

Today saw me being less of a grumpy old man - with a lovely start to the day.
Su and I then went into Bath and saw "Of Gods and Men", a really powerful film, before we did a bit of Christmas shopping and had a very pleasant lunch.  How am I going to cope when I go back to work?!

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