Saturday, 11 December 2010


Spent nearly 4 hours having my poor old brain being crammed with facts, opinions, theories and a few jokes (sorry can't remember any of them). Today was one of many study days one is required to attend if doing an Open University course. As usual it was extremely interesting and I'm sure I've benefitted from it but at the moment exactly how is not obvious - to me anyway....I just want to go to sleep!
Mind you that could be down to the Chinese meal Marcus treated me to after the above endurance test. We always go to the same one in Bristol as it sells authentic dim sum and there's nowhere else outside of London or Manchester where you can get the range and quality....yam croquettes, paper-wrapped prawns, char sui buns, chung fung...I could go on but it's making my stomach rumble again and we just happen to have some prawn dumplings in the fridge!

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