Friday, 24 December 2010

Nearly done...

Still cold, and getting colder tonight and tomorrow (forecast to be down to-7 degrees C tonight and -9 degrees C tomorrow night) before it starts to warm up - it's due to be +9 degrees C by Tuesday!  It was great today to see some sun after days without any, starting with this lovely early sky in the park:-
As we have family coming to us tomorrow, my role today has been cleaning while Su is busy fitting a door downstairs.  I managed to get some pictures on the wall (and they haven't fallen down yet!) and have finished wrapping Su's presents.  Still more stuff but we will probably do more tomorrow after a Christmas breakfast and present opening.

The day finished with lovely skies and great glow on the hills.  Let's hope tomorrow is as sunny as today even though it is going to be **cold** when I take Bella out!

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