Friday, 17 December 2010

Can't believe it's Friday!

Had to leave my camera at home as battery needed charging up so this pic is "borrowed" from another site...fantastic isn't it!
One of the great thing about living in Bath is the variety of places to walk the dog. Even more choice than when we lived in the sticks. Today we went downhill to walk one way along the river (Avon) and back along the canal (frozen). I took some pics on my mobile but the light was poor and the mobile's camera is pathetic (tells you how old it is). I'll have to go back another day and try again.
Mind you it was blooming cold down there especially the canal path but this stretch is home to quite a few boats in the winter. There's also evidence of some poor folk living in these minus temperatures I worry for their survival. I've been told the boat residents form a supportive community who would also look out for tent dwellers which is a relief - hope it's true. It's so easy to take comfort for granted. I'm sitting by our wood-burning stove and feel very cosy. The central heating is also chugging away. All it takes is one power cut to get me to count my blessings.........

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  1. Hello from Kyiv, Ukraine Marcus and Su from Sherry Greaves, sister of Guy ! He told me about your blog so I am now "following" you. Actually haven't read a lot yet but the layout is great and some of the pictures amazing. HHope you're keeping out of bad weather in your neck of the woods. There is a major snow storm on here as I write this. Seasons greetings !