Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ring Out Cash Tills

This morning, Su and I were going to go and see the film "Rare Exports", a Finnish tale of bad Santa entombed in ice who escapes. But when we got down into town, we were seduced by the lure of a cup of coffee and some gentle Christmas shopping plus a bit of culture in the Victoria Art Gallery.

Having done our bit to revitalise the UK economy ("We're all in it together" as the 18 millionaires in the Cabinet tell us...), we came home - on the way spotting this man with a Christmas tree on his head:-
Just so our readers don't think that we have stopped thinking about foreign travel, we came home to find an offer of free downloads of loads of Lonely Planet City Guide Apps (goes on till 2 am GMT 23rd December in UK only if you're interested).  Quiet a few places we haven't visited - all now installed on the iPad and iPhone for future reference!
Not sure we want to live in Warsaw, Stockholm or Moscow (a certain small Greek island keeps coming top of our list) but you never know...

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