Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday, Monday...

Went out with Bella this morning, and it was **cold**.  After that, Su and I went shopping in the beginnings of today's snow, which kept on coming down quite insistently on and off throughout most of the day - but that warmed things up a bit.  Now we're back to cold again, and we're just about to literally slip out down the road for a curry with our friends if they can make it and find somewhere to park!

I've surprised myself (and Su) by being quite practical over the last few days - fitted a telephone extension , so we no longer sleep with the glow of modem/router and answerphone (it's only taken 5 years...), and yesterday I put up some shelves.

The visual effects of more snow on top of existing snow don't seem very dramatic (unless you're in Arctic conditions - we have the temperatures, but not yet the deep, deep snow...), but the light at dusk tonight was wonderfully dramatic, as I hope these photos from our bathroom window show.

1 comment:

  1. Let me guess. Tandoori Chiken and a Bellringer? Conveniently close!
    It looks cold, Marcus. We have unseasonal snow on the hills here, but I've seen the UK news and I defer to volume.
    Stay warm.