Sunday, 19 December 2010

Had to get out of the house!

Unlike two cats I could mention I can't bear being cooped up in the house for too long. Have been taking Bella out but not very far or for very long as it's positively dangerous walking anywhere around here. Pavements not gritted. Roads not gritted.

Today I'd had enough so dragged iM (humphing) and Bella (excited) out for walk in the park with a promise to find lunch somewhere. Miraculously car not too frozen up. All the snow had been removed by kind folk playing snowballs and road not slippery. So today's pics are iM and Bella frolicking. Not too cold as I've treated myself to some amazingly warm socks (angora/wool mix) and feet positively glowing.
Humans had had enough after 45 minutes of -6 plus a brisk breeze so zoomed off to local garden centre who serve quite nice lunches at quite nice prices......

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