Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Happy Solstice!

Joy of joys. Today is the shortest day of the year which means the days'll be getting longer and before you know it we can start growing things again. Whoopee!
Escaped the house today to visit friend who's bought an iPad and has asked me to teach her how to use it! But first we had to have a hot toddy. And then we had to have lunch - 3 courses. And then could I top up her bird feeders and bring in the recycling bins and check the turkeys (dead) which she was keeping cold in the garage were ok. And then we had to have a coffee to get warm again. And only after all that did we get down to lesson on how to write an email...easy but boring. She said. Let's surf! So spent next half hour on "rightmove.co.uk" looking at mansions in the Cotswolds. Just to explain the reason I did all these "chores" is because my friend is disabled and relies on others to help her out from time to time.
I must give iM a mention as the only reason I was able to escape was down to his stirling efforts with the shovel digging my car out of the snow. I had the inspiration to use the ash we had accumulated from the woodburner to chuck on the road and we had traction!
Don't have any pics of me driving off but of a rather strange creature I saw on my walk yesterday........

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