Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow but not so bad

Well, the soft South got a bit more snow, but not that much (certainly nowhere near as much as my brother in Bransley has been copping of late), so no school closures here!  I took Bella out this morning and have since been spending my time catching up with recorded TV music programmes researching for teaching in the warm.  The cats are now starting to get a bit fidgety and silly while Bella snoozes on.  Currently Randall is monitoring the street outside (and me) from the back of an armchair
I may not need to venture outside again today as Su is taking Bella off for a walk shortly. Time to get back to my "researches" and daydream about living on a warm Greek island!


  1. Now that's what I like to hear - the Greek island bit anyway! Not sure I'm looking forward to dog walk...brrrrr!

  2. Glad to hear that you've recovered enough to work very hard "researching", Marcus. I hope Su is providing you with tea, coffee and other comforts to aid this important "work" ;0)