Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pilates, Fixed Van and Stroll Around the Hill

Another promising start to the day, as the sunrise at the front of the house showed.
Sunrise from the back of the house looked good too. 
It didn't last - by the time I came out of my Pilates class and dropped the van into the local garage, the skies had clouded over. The VW garage had told me previously that my brakes were corroded and that I needed at least a new pair of front calipers, if not rear cylinders (and would be looking at a bill of many hundreds of pounds). The local garage sorted it in less than an hour and changed the brake fluid, charging me £40 for  the job. I know where I am going in future! Went past St Saviour's church in Larkhall.
I've walked past these houses quite a few times but never noticed the lattice effect of the stone work on them before.
Discarded now that Halloween is past. 
This pair of newspaper hoardings caught my eye and made me wonder at the stories behind the headlines. 
More discarded pumpkins waiting for the rubbish and recycling collection tomorrow.
Took Bella out for a walk around Mount Beacon. This was the way down to Perfect View
Coming round the hill, this sign always amuses me - especially as it has a sign nearby indicating that parking is for Parking Permit holders, and there are always cars parked there. 
This day a year ago, the weather also turned grey but we had a very nice lunch (courtesy of Groupon - where are they now?!). Walked back up through the municipal golf course and enjoyed the last of the autumn colours.

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