Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dentist, Left At The Lights & UWE

Woke early this morning, but I was rewarded with this sight of a glorious sunrise for my wakefulness.
Bella dozing after breakfast on the rug at the end of our bed - waiting for me to take her out for her morning walk.
These teazle heads are still good value, long after the flowers have gone.
Still some wigelia in flower 
This house has two lamp-posts like this. I don't recall ever seeing them lit.
This car has still not moved… 
Little geranium flowers.
Douglas Adams' answer - now what was the question again?:-)
Went off to the dentist for a check up before going on to UWE, where Left At The Lights reconstituted for the first practice of all three of us in over a year. Astonishingly we managed to remember some of the material, and are even talking about playing an open mic night or two before Christmas! After that I had a tutorial with my Information Systems dissertation students before talking to Dan Buzzo about the teaching I will cover for him over the next three weeks while he is off in Hong Kong. Chatted to a few other colleagues before heading home.

This day a year ago, we made our last visit to our allotment, and left it ready for the next tenants to take on.

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