Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day Trip to Kastellorizo

An early start to the day - the earliest we have been up since we arrived on Symi!
The dawn light on the harbour waters. 
Our transport for the day - the trusty Dodecanese Express 
First port of call was Rhodes. Nice to see the big city after a couple of weeks.
Looking around the harbour at the Herakles tub. 
Looking the other way across the front of the boat, 
After a short stop to offload and embark passengers and cargo, it was off into the open sea. 
A couple of hours or so later and we landed on Kastellorizo. 
A pretty port. 
We saw a turtle swimming around the harbour - this was the best photograph of it that I managed. 
We walked around the streets at the back of the port 
Walking up one side of the harbour.
Looking back at the main port. 
We walked up towards the museum over to Mandraki, passing this elegant bell tower on the way.
Bougainvillea against a blue sky. 
A little chapel by the sea. 
Lots of these flowers out on Kastellorizo as well as on the way to Toli earlier this week. We first saw these when we stayed in Xerocambos in Crete in 2004. 
Walking around the coastal path back to the main port, spotted this sign
Clambered up steep steps in the side of the cliff to get up close and personal to the tomb.
We saw some Lycian tombs from a distance in Turkey last year, but nowhere near as close as this. 
What looked like pinks growing out of the cliff. 
Another name for Kastellorizo is Megisti. 
It was quite windy - and we saw a swimmer retrieving a canvas chair that had blown into the harbour before he helped to get this umbrella (plus concrete base!) back on land. 
As a law-abiding citizen, I felt obliged to comply with this regulation, so I didn't swim across the harbour. 
After four hours, it was time to get back on the boat and sail along the coast of Turkey for a while before turning to head for Rhodes.
This day a year ago, we were finally en route to Turkey!

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