Sunday, 14 October 2012

Au Revoir to Symi

The sun going down lighting the Pedi valley yesterday evening.
We had a delicious meal at the Windmill and then went down to the gallery on the KaliStrata to see Ian and Jord's work. After that we repaired to the Sunrise for my last session with George and Clare this trip.  After we'd finished playing, George spent sometime communing with Manunia.
Kevin held the fort at the bar while Ianni got close to Penny.
We got to bed eventually some time after 3 o'clock. Su was awake really early, while I surfaced a bit later to blearily greet our last Symi morning this year.
George kindly stopped by to collect my guitar for the winter, before we went for a final visit to the Olive Tree.
I went down into Yialos to raid a cash machine to pay the bill for our apartment and dropped the luggage off near to the boat for later in the afternoon. Wandered around the harbour front a while.
This splendid gulet was moored near the clocktower.
My last sighting of the Symi train this visit. 
I stood and admired the precision handling of the way the Proteus docked - swinging in and turning on a sixpence.
Our boat for the trip over to Rhodes - the Dodecanese Express.
Leaving Symi harbour. 
Symi in the afternoon sun. 
Even further away - most of the way to Rhodes. 
Flying the flag as we came into Rhodes harbour. 
This day a year ago, we were still moored in Fethiye having had a swim in the Blue Lagoon. Carried on catching up with photos from the previous few days at sea - these were the Lycian tombs we saw near Caunos.

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