Friday, 19 October 2012

Widcombe, Westonbirt and Bristol Airport via Filton

A day of whizzing about. Out with Bella this morning, saw these sunflowers hanging on despite the rain and grey skies.
Raindrops on leaves caught my eye.
We went over to Widcombe, where we spotted this street art. 
Credits part 1 
Credits part 2
Round the corner 
Still more. 
Later on we went to Westonbirt, where Bell mooched about and found sticks then discarded them in favour of bigger ones while we admired the autumnal foliage
A new unusual carved statue - "Knock on Wood" - front
and back. 
 One last acer.
Came home, had a quick bite to eat and then left to rendezvous with old University chum, Quintin Oliver who I haven't seen for about 10 years. Met up at the Holiday Inn, Filton and then drove to Bristol airport. Short meeting but good to reconnect.
This day last year, we were still on Symi and the weather was warming up again. We went up to the Chorio and continued to enjoy the view from our hotel. 

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