Monday, 8 October 2012

Cloudy Day on Symi

After an early night last night, we were awake to see the sun coming over the hill this morning.
It was a cloudier day than of late, but some interesting formations to the north. 
A leisurely start to the day was followed by a gentle stroll up to the new Olive Tree. Some of their new very spacious kitchen area (missing out Jenine on this shot)
Even more spacious kitchen area (missing out Tina on this shot). 
A long languid lunch, followed by delicious cake required some exercise to work off at least some of the calories. So we climbed slowly up and round the hillside, in the process catching the Proteus leaving port.
Came round to this church at the top of the Kataraktis.
The starry cupola under the bell tower. 
Wandering around the Chorio affords endless opportunities for photographing flaking layers of old paint…
Great layers of old limewash paints - now often superseded by more modern, more durable and less breathable  alternatives. 
Came down through the ruins, and spotted these great flowers. 
Some fresher thorns to cope with.
It's not every day that you see such mathematical scrawling on a wall along with Greek swear words… 
Spotted these newly renewed dots showing paths up/down. May be the work of Sue & Gerri? 
Later on, on the way to the wine night at SymiDream, the sky was still animated with lots of clouds.
SymiDream wine night - the penultimate one of the year (or possibly the last depending on next Monday's weather). 
Jenni, Tove, Neil (AKA Sean Connery!) and Hans on the steps outside the shop.
This day a year ago, we flew from Istanbul to Izmir, and then got a bus to Selcuk where we saw this stork's nest left over from the Summer. 
Just had a tasty few mezzes in Giorgio's before another relatively early night - off to jam with George in the morning while Su goes down to Yialos. Two brief blog mentions - many thanks to James of SymiDream for the publicity today (may have something to do with high number of pageviews today!) and Su has put up a new post at All About Me....

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  1. I spotted the mathematical graffiti on a guided walk with Ian from Symi Visitor on Tuesday! I've only been going downwards since I got here. I plan on heading upwards through Chorio by the end of the week.

    Enjoy your stay!