Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sunshine returns to Symi

After yesterday's cloudy weather, this morning saw the Pedi valley return to sunshine.
Looking over at the Chorio with a cloudless blue sky. 
We decided that it would have to be a day at the beach, passing this shuttered window on the way. 
We also passed the way up to the Secret Garden. I haven't noticed this sign before, even though we must have passed it loads of times. 
Thistles still abound. 
We got the boat over to St Nikolas beach - the sun sparkling on the water.
 Looking towards Turkey, before turning into the beach.
A solitary cloud over the ridge. 
A gnomic piece of pebble art in the sand.
Looking across the bay. The water was lovely, and saw quite a few fish when I went out with the snorkel. 
Quite a bit of the day was spent with this as my view over the top of my Kindle, it must be said. 
On the way back to Pedi. 
Pedi bay was really still and calm while we waited for the bus to arrive.
Back at the apartment looking at tthe Chorio, with a baguette cloud over the windmills. 
Looking down the valley - I never tire of this view.  We are off to look at another possible house to buy, and then going down into Yialos for a meal at Tholos taverna. George and Clare are playing at Mediterraneo this evening, so we may catch them if our tummies aren't too full!
This day a year ago, there was no blog post as our ship was moored in the bay of Marmaris harbour riding out the winds. The next day we got under sail. 

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